Frankfurter Kranz (buttercream- filled cake)

125 g butter
150 g sugar
1 pinch salt
grated lemon peel
4 eggs
2 tsp rum
150 g flour
100 g starch flour
6 g baking powder
greasing fat
2 tsp bread crumbs

1 paket Vanilla pudding mix
1 pinch salt
80 g sugar
1/2 l milk
200 g butter
Preparation: Butter and sugar are stirred creamy, then salt, lemon peel, eggs and rum are added. The flour is mixed with starch and baking powder und stirred under the butter. The dough is filled in a round baking form. The cake is baked for 40 minutes at 180 Grad Celsius in the baking oven.

buttercream: a pudding is prepared with vanilla pudding mix, salt, sugar and milk. When the pudding cools down it must be stirred often to prevent formation of a surface film. Spoon by spoon this pudding is stirred under creamy stirred butter.

The cake is filled with buttercream and decorated with brittle and cocktail cherrys.

recipe by Andreas Woehr

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